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Our lawn maintenance division is dedicated to providing top-notch lawn services, including weed control, fertilization, and irrigation installation. We specialize in pest control for homeowners and offer a variety of customizable treatment options to ensure your property stays pest-free all year round.


Are you tired of spending countless hours maintaining your lawn and garden, only to be left with lackluster results? How would you feel relaxing with your family after a hectic day at work in the ambiance of a tender turf with pest-free green trees providing fresh air for you at the same time? Or would the news of your yellow, unattractive lawn turning green make you feel right in the middle of Autumn? Terrific, isn’t it? Terrific but not impossible!
Perhaps an organically treated lawn is your year-round dream, then look no further than Spokane Spray Service and Lawn Maintenance!

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Enjoy Your Yard in Peace

A well-maintained outdoor space can also increase your property value and enhance the overall appearance of a home. Weeds, pests, thatch and soil compaction, and disproportionate manure application system, among other things, are just a few of the enemies to healthy green outdoor spaces.

Early Spring Fertilization

Early spring fertilizers are usually done in early spring around March, typically to promote early growth and development in plants and lawns. These fertilizers are usually high in nitrogen, which is the primary nutrient needed for plant growth and development.

Spring Pre-Emergent

Usually done in April, Spring pre-emergent is a herbicide application on lawns and gardens to prevent the germination of weed seeds. It works by forming a barrier in the soil that inhibits the growth of weed seeds, without harming established plants.

Late Spring Weed & Feed

With this application, calculated measures are used in controlling weed during the late Spring season after the first flush of spring growth has subsided and before the heat of summer sets in.

Summer Fertilization

This fertilization application is an important part of lawn care that helps to maintain healthy growth and vibrant green color throughout the growing season. During the summer, lawns and plants need a steady supply of nutrients to thrive, especially during periods of heat and drought.

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